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Moving Tips

Inventory of all household goods including
what items you may want to move and want to store or dispose that can help you to reduce the volume of your shipment

Send your new address to anyone
that might need it such as credit card companies, newspaper delivery, friends, relatives, etc.

Transfer all bank accounts.
Buy traveler’s checks.

Arrange to move pets; Contact the mover: Ask for complete documentation on moving pet
Across International borders

Guides for Your Household Goods

Importance Documents
Separate with the packing of all your personal important documents such as passports, visa, airline tickets, traveler's cheque, legal documents, bank statements and medical records.

Personal Items
You are moving to a foreign country, away from friends and family. Please do not omit taking with you those articles of a personal and sentimental nature. All those items will help you feel still close with your friends and family.

Telephone service
Do not try to disconnect telephones till the last day you move. That you may use to confirm your move concerned as booking hotel, airline tickets in unfortunately case delays.

Original boxes
If you have original boxes for electronic items or computers, please give them to the packing team as they can help packing them more easily.

Gas and Propane
Make sure to empty your gas or propane tanks from your stove, barbecue, lawn mower, and any gas powered items at least one week prior to moving. For your safety, properly dispose of your gas and propane tanks.

If you come first to your destination country before your expected shipment, you must need to have; *A copy of the passport with the entry stamp. * WHITE FORM – It is very important if your shipment is coming after you. It is needed to process the customs to easily get your shipment. You can get the white form from the customs before checking out. * WORK PERMIT is also one of the essential documents in clearing the customs clearance.

Articles not Accepted for Shipping or Storage

Hazardous materials as defined by various international organizations will not be accepted for shipping or storage. Materials most common to household use defined as a restricted items are listed below. Please contact your Relocation Coordinator if you have any questions regarding these items.

Combustible Liquids
Alcohol (rubbing) - Lubricant (motor oils) - Anti-Freeze Compounds

Fireworks - Ammunition

Acids - Drain Cleaner - Photography Chemicals - Bleach - Batteries (wet or dry) - Water Purifying Agents

Perfume/Cologne - Lighter Fluid - Matches - Wood Oil Stains - Petrol-Chemical Base - Garden Sprays - Paint or Varnish - Butane/Propane/Gasoline - Signal Flares - Charcoal Briquettes -

Compressed Gases
Shaving Cream - Hair Spray - Spray Deodorant - Aerosol cans - Fire Extinguishers - Scuba Diving Tanks

Live Plants - Seeds - Fresh Fruits - Vegetables - Meats - Flowers

Moving with Kids
Moving is stressful task, but it can be even harder on kids. The stress on your kids can be minimized by using some of the tips stated below:

1. Full explanation about the relocation. Give them destination informations such as the weather, schools, new people with different customs and new friends that they could look forwarding to meet.

2. Compiling with your child a list of your * friends email accounts, addresses, telephone numbers, photographs etc. and do not forget post cards that your child can send to their old friends "back home".

3. Help your child to assemble their special toys and other familiar items that will make them less home sick and adapt to the new home. This exercise could also help you to reduce the volume for packing.

4. Arrange to transfer children * school records.

5. Fill out post office change of address cards for your children and other family members.

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